Friday, April 9, 2010

How to remove nail polish from jeans, denim

Well, certainly this was my question a few days ago when I was sitting here in my desk multi tasking and decided to try a new nail polish, super nice lavender color, when I did my first nail oh no! notice this polish was in my new jeans!!! The first day wearing them!! I know what are you thinking!

My first reaction was to put some polish remover with cotton ball, big mistake! It was all over, like if wanted to paint my jeans, then nothing happens! I run all over the house thinking what should I do, what?!

So, I called my sister and she told me to put directly the nail remover and let stay for few minutes and then scrub with small brush and wash it; I have a big brush (thinking will be better than small, right?) I did it, but still there! My patience was over!

I came to my computer and searching around, some people said put ice, in the freezer, put some insecticide...this was my last shoot.

I put the insecticide for few minutes and brushed again, washed and still there, then use again the polish remover with the insecticide spray, stay for few minutes and then brush, brush and brush again, washed and works!!!

The insecticide and polish remover work together very well! the nail polish disappear completely, of course some color came in the water but the spots are gone!

So in conclusion, never try to do your nails without protection in your clothes or have near to you the insecticide spray, polish remover and a brush!

This works for me, if you decide to try, it will be under your own risk.

If you have any ideas what works for you, feel free to post so we can learn other tips.

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